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Ethic and Responsible Online advertising & Web Affiliation

OkoClick régie pub responsable
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Whether you are a publisher (web sites, blogs, forum, social networks) or an advertiser (products, brands, services), OkoClick adplatform lets you optimize your online advertising with efficient, ethic and responsible solutions.

OkoClick ad platform uses thematic relevance :

- Practice of non- annoying and non-intrusive ads
- Sales Optimized Bid Algorithms with semantic and thematic relevance
- Manual selection of sites and quality products (that respects consumers and standards)

Online advertising

Make money with Ads

Manage your own ads (adserver)


Choose your advertisers and get a percentage on sales

Offers more services to you customers

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Rapid payments

payment "as you want"
Sent in 72 hours

easy to use

in few clicks

High profitability

Ad optimization

Advanced targeting

sites ranking
audience targeting

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